Easter Holidays and End of Term 1 2018

There will be no classes on Easter Friday 30th of March and Easter Monday 2nd of April.  However, there will be classes on Sunday 1st of April. Classes for Term 1 2018 ends on Friday 13th of April.  Special classes will be held as usual at Remuera Head Quarters on Monday 16th of April, Friday…

End of Term 4 2017 and Special Classes for 2017/2018

Wing Chun classes will finish for Term 4 of 2017 on Friday 15th of December.  Training will remain open for special classes starting from the 18th of December through to the end of January. Special classes will be held as usual in Remuera starting on the 18th of December 2017. Special class times are Monday 18th of December, Friday 22nd of…

Term 4 Grading Results

Congratulations to all those who has passed Clevedon Branch Black Belt (Fifth Dan) Sifu Simon Witchalls St Thomas Branch Brown Jack Green Blake Remuera Branch Black Belt (Third Dan) Logan Black Belt (First Dan) Anthony Red with Black Tip Simon Brown Kelvin Ash Green Kearthy Mark Michael Yellow Kevin Massey Univesity and Forrest Hill Branches…

Gold Coast Branch Grading Results

Congratulations to all in the Gold Coast Branch who has passed grading.

Black Belt (Fourth Dan)

  • Sifu Arthur Batakan

Black Belt (First Dan)

  • Wolf Teiniker


  • Jessica Wilson
  • Antony Chiang
  • Michael Teiniker
  • Guillaume Clarens
  • Mark Batakin


  • Bastion Teinkier
  • Melisssa Lee


  • Laerte Martins
  • Renee Dixon
  • Tim Lee
  • Alyssa
  • Thao